Who Are Waikato Escalated Care?

Waikato Escalated Care is a formal partnership between:
• Braemar Hospital
• Pinnacle Ventures
• Midland MRI
• Hamilton Radiology
• Lisa Hansen Physiotherapy

Why We Got Together

ACC wanted to move away from the traditional siloed inputs-based purchasing toward a whole-of-system outcomes based approach that would change the way services are delivered to clients with certain musculoskeletal injuries.
Waikato Escalated Care have been working in partnership with ACC to develop multi-disciplinary pathways for Shoulder and Lower Back injuries.

What is Escalated Care?

The Escalated Care Pathway is a pilot pathway fully-funded by ACC.
The Waikato Escalated Care pathway’s aim is to improve patients’ outcomes and experiences through an inter-disciplinary team approach that includes access to services provided by each of the partners. The service is for patients whose injuries cannot be resolved through primary care alone and who would benefit from ‘escalated care’.

Who Can Access Waikato Escalated Care?

Anyone with a shoulder or lower back injury that meet the following criteria:

  • ACC approved injury
  • No longer manageable in primary care
  • Lives in greater Waikato region
  • For shoulder injury: Full or partial thickness tear on U/S or MRI
  • For back Injury: Pain extending into the leg, X-Ray +/- MRI

The pathway also aims to improve access for Maori, Pacifika and those living in remote rural locations.

Who Can Refer to Waikato Escalated Care?

General Practitioners, Surgeons, Physiotherapists, Maori and Pacifika healthcare organisations.

How Will Patients Be Triaged?

An inter-disciplinary team from members of the partnership working to set criteria (that will be shared with referrers soon).